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Betting brokers have emerged in response to the demand to place big bets at competitive prices and to be paid out promptly and in full after a winning bet.

Asian bookmakers are more comfortable with accepting large wagers than their European counterparts and these bets are often placed through brokers.

Handicap betting on sport and soccer in particular is very popular in the Asian markets.

Punters like to bet on two way markets and this is how Asian handicaps work through setting quarter or half goal handicaps in soccer.

When there is a big favourite the money line does not interest most bettors so handicaps are applied to make the probability of both outcomes taking place just about equal.

Online betting has been in the mainstream for quite some time now.

Punters can place bets in almost anything – from casino games, horseracing, sporting events, up to financial markets even weather forecasts as long as it is within the interest of bettors.

Technology has been a major factor in these changes and it is believed that it will expand further in the near future.

Only a few years ago, online betting was restricted in almost every country in the world.

Today, punters can place bets over the internet, mobile phones, and even with their tablets.